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Clearviewmedia Sports is a news & entertainment media company.

Est. in 2015 Clearviewmedia sports has covered a great many of the world’s most recognizable athletes. Our expertise in the sports and entertainment culture provides our viewers with quality sports content that engages as well as informs. 

Clearviewmedia Sports goal is to focus on producing a sports entertainment show with athletes in Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

Owner & Ceo Lavert Brown was born and raised in Akron Ohio.  A 2007 graduate of Ohio State University with a B.A, in Sociology.  Lavert who was originally a communications major found his passion again in 2012 when he became a video production, and content creator for the Akron,  a citizen journalist website funded by The Knight Foundation in Akron Ohio.  During that time Lavert did video production, editing, interviewing in the sports, and entertainment arenas.  He’s done interviews with athletes like Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Jim Brown & more.  Lavert also became heavily involved in local sports and the community in Northeast Ohio. Then   In 2015 after gaining extensive experience in the field of video production, Lavert created CLEARVIEWMEDIA PRODUCTIONS LLC

which produces the content for CLEARVIEWMEDIA SPORTS.  Lavert has a passion for the community & see’s his company as a vehicle to which to serve the people.  “When I switched my major to sociology, I really didn’t understand why back then.  But I learned that it’s given me a great lens through which to view the world.  It’s has helped to give me a more humanistic, compassionate, and realistic approach to video production”

Lavert hopes that Clearviewmedia will change the world in a positive way



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